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Brandi Belle

The Fued

as i hope you all know im a huge fan of my fans...does that make sense? as you also know i love getting feedback and all the wonderful videos you guys send me and whenever the opportunity arises for me to help out one of you guys i do my best. so when i began getting these videos from persia and ashley i was very pleased and very very entertained...but also concerned...which is why i decided i needed to see them in person as you will see in this video...i should explain...see ashly and persia are very competitive best friends each of which believe they have the hotter boyfriend as they both described in their first video showing off their naked boys in front of each other asking mewhat i thought...i loved this video and found it both hot and was when i got the other videos (which i actually found even hotter!) they were sending behind each others back that i got concerned. so i saw no other choice but to bring the two couples together and play the mediator...ok that and as you will agree i found both couples very hot and wanted to see them get it on in person...just as you will in this video...with some hot heavy and hardcore..... mediation